Cruelty Free Skincare Products That Really Work

For those of us who like to be pampered and kind to the earth, it can be a bit difficult to wade through all the products which claim to be animal friendly while weeding out the fakes. So often, skin and hair products test their wares on animals, use animal parts in their merchandise, or supplement their wares with chemicals so noxious that most of us wouldn’t touch them with gloves (let alone smear them on our faces.)
The alternatives to the masses of murderous merchandise lie in finding vegan friendly products. They can be a little harder to locate, however there are many mom-and-pop beauty supply shops which specialize in this exact type of product, as well as a few corporate ones as well. Doing online searches for vegan skincare products will usually pan out numerous results. If you don’t want to do your shopping online, going to a natural food and suppliment store is usually a good way to go. The product lines in these shops tend to be natural and animal friendly.
Trying different remedies, such as tea-tree oil, jojoba, shea butter, lanolin, and aloe are always good methods to stay pretty and animal friendly, as well.

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