Developing A Natural Skin Care Regime

A skin care regime is necessary to maintain a youthful appearance , and a natural one would be highly desirable. It is not necessary to spend lots of hard earned money in the pursuit of beauty-with some simple ingredients found around the house, you will have everything needed to maintain your external beauty.

The first step is to cleanse the skin of dirt and other impurities. People with oily skin will want to choose cleansers with an acid base, such as citrus or lemon fruits.Confused? Here ‘s a little help . Sensitive skins benefit from a cleanser with aloe vera, and dry skin will want one with a very moisture rich base. A good all round cleanser would have some oatmeal or ground almonds, mixed with milk and honey.Apply to the skin gently,rub in , then rinse well with cool water. These do not foam like commercial cleansers so you may have to dry the skin before you can feel how clean it is.

To close pores after a good cleansing, apply hydrogen peroxide with a cotton ball to the skin.It removes any cleanser remaining, and will help minimize the size of any pores.

Apply a moisturizer with SPF ingredients to your skin to help protect it from sun damage during the day, and at night use a moisturizer only. Pure honey, olive oil or even homemade mayonnaise are all excellent moisturizers.

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