Earth Friendly Skin Care Items You Can Trust

Earth friendly, natural skin care products are a good choice for the care of our skin. Natural skin care is a safe, gentle way to treat different skin issues, clean the skin and heal the skin. It’s true that many skin care products on the shelf these days contain harsh chemicals that are mixed up in a lab for various cosmetics companies. Recently, the Environmental Working Group found lead in many lipsticks! Earth friendly skin care is a great alternative.

Many name brands are now available that contain none of the chemicals and all of the good natural ingredients easily available today.The whole story can be found at It’s important to actually read the ingredient label, because some companies state the product is natural but may actually contain some chemicals or synthetics.

Or if your feeling adventurous, you can create your own healthy face mask in your own home using honey, avocado and cucumber. Just mis well with a touch of water and apply. Sugar scrubs for exfoliation are easy to make as well and can be stored for a longer period. Just add sugar to almond oil, add a bit of essential oil for scent (lavender is a good one for the bath), and scrub away.

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