Animals Testing And The Cosmetics Industry

There has been a reduction in cosmetic companies using animal testing with their products since animal testing has become common knowledge among consumers. Consumers are avoiding products that are known for animal testing and looking for natural products and cosmetics that were tested on consenting adults. However, this does not mean that all cosmetic companies are done killing animals to test their products. Companies claim that these tests are to prove the safety of their products for consumers, however there are many alternative testing methods that can be used and the Food and Drug Administration do not require animal testing.I was looking for more information and found it here.

Cosmetic testing on animals is often painful and may even lead to the animal’s death. Testing often consists of seeing how much of certain ingredients can be administered to the animal before there is damage to the animals skins, eyes and other parts of the body. There are also lethal dosage tests with these same ingredients to see how high of a dosage the animal can stand before the ingredient becomes lethal, this way cosmetic companies know the minimum dosage they want to use in their body products. Lethal dosage and other cosmetic tests are not always accurate in their information during these tests on animals; an animal may react differently and faster than a human does to the same dosage of a certain substance.

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